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Massage Therapy in Bellingham WA

All massage patients are welcome at Atlas Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness Center! Whether you are new to massage or a massage pro! Our team is committed in providing high quality and effective massage therapy that meets your health goals.

Many of our chiropractic patients benefit from incorporating massage therapy into their chiropractic care at Atlas, but you do not need to be a chiropractic patient to receive massage here. We work with referring health care providers in managing your auto claim, work related injury, or any type of injury that you are healing from. Dr. Andrew Winn can also provide a referral in needed circumstances.

Not in Pain? Come in and get a massage just for the Health of it! Massage therapy is an excellent means of managing stress and keeping you heathy!

Getting Started

If it’s your first appointment, we ask that you arrive early to fill out some paperwork. Your massage therapist will explain what you can expect, detailing each step. Massage rooms are private with heated massage tables. They are ADA compliant, and can accommodate all bodies, pregnancy, ages and stages of life. There is natural light in each room, windows allow for fresh air, and air-conditioning when needed! Heat can be adjusted in each room to suit your preferences.

Most patients visit us for a deep tissue massage, but that doesn’t mean it will be painful. Our therapists are clinical in their approach and can use gentle or deep pressure to your preferences to get excellent outcomes. All of our massage therapists are professionally licensed in the state of Washington.

Contact us today to schedule your massage Bellingham! Same-day appointments are available.

Learn More about our highly skilled and professional Licensed Massage Therapists.

Raven, Lead LMT Lic# MA 00017881


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