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What Our Bellingham Patients Say

At Atlas Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Chiropractic Care at its Finest

Great Staff

The office staff is friendly and welcoming. I went from standing in his office crying in my work boots, scheduled adustments every other day and about a week later was smiling with relief as he worked his magic on my neck. Very calm and compassionate personality, so grateful to have found him.

– Randie S.

High Quality Care

I have been getting both massage and chiropractic care here for a long time. I am always impressed with the consistent and high quality of care. I had never gotten extremity adjustments (arms, ankles, knees, feet , wrists etc) and I cannot believe the difference in how I feel vs. just getting my back and neck adjusted. They really focus on patient education and empowerment- which is part of why I love coming here!

– Lea T.

Absolute Best

Dr Winn and staff are absolutely the best at what they do. John and I have been coming here for almost 3 years now for both chiropractic and massage. They all work so well together, have been incredibly flexible at accommodating our last-minute needs, and we really appreciate their being so willing to let us pick their brains on so many health issues. Thumbs up to the entire crew!

– Katie S.

Dedication All Around

I have been going here for at least five years and couldn’t be more grateful. I am a very active person, so naturally, something is usually out of whack, but Dr. Winn can always fix it. Everyone in the office is welcoming and the office hours are very flexible. I LOVE and so very much appreciate, that I can just pop in, unannounced, and they will accommodate me with no issue. Dr. Winn is knowledgeable and delighted to answer any questions you have about your situation or chiropractic care or whatever else comes to mind. Thank you Atlas Chiropractic for your dedication to our health and wellness!

– Sara V.

Let Atlas Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness Center Help Fix You

Wellness that Works!

“Ten years into making a living as a Stonemason, I was in sore need of being fixed. I’d seen chiropractors and masseuses in the past, but never has anyone bothered to develop a plan. I’ve been able to continue to do what I love (and pay my mortgage) one year after I was sure my wall building days were over. Andrew, Raven, and the Atlas team have a true wellness/wholeness approach that works!”

– JE

Vertigo Symptoms Gone

“I came to Atlas Chiropractic after being referred to Dr. Winn by a fellow therapist. I had been suffering from vertigo for over a year. After multiple MRI’s, CAT scans and unsuccessful treatments, I decided to give chiropractic care a try. Before I started coming to Atlas, my symptoms included dizziness, vision trouble, neck and hip pain. Simple daily activities like going to the grocery store, playing with my daughter and watching a movie or play would cause my symptoms to worsen. After months of great care from Dr. Winn and Raven, I am excited to say that my vertigo symptoms have gone away! I feel better and am breathing better than I have in over a year! I will continue to come to Atlas to maintain my health and even trust Dr. Winn to adjust my toddler. Great respect and appreciation!”

– KW

Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

“So many good things – first, I admire the way the folks at Atlas work as a team and show passion for truly helping your patients. I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for over ten years. I had just learned to function with it and always wondered where I could put my energy if I wasn’t so focused with the pain. I’ve tried many unsuccessful approaches to alleviate my pain and no progress has been made until coming to Atlas. Now, I can go through a whole day without constantly thinking about pain. I can sit through a class without constantly shifting and I can enjoy more of what I love in life. Thank you all so much for being such a big help in my life. Cheers.”

– AB

Help after Car Accident

“I have been in many car accidents over several years and have tried chiropractic. My naturopath adjusted me after the last accident last October, but it wasn’t a “real” chiropractic adjustment. It was very different than at Atlas. At Atlas, Doc is very professional and knowledgeable and it just feels like he’s a pro. I wish I had come so long ago. I didn’t know what it felt like to be able to truly stand straight or move my neck or hips without that good old grind and pop feeling I got used to. I now forget the pain was there. I recommend everyone try it. Raven is the best massage therapist in the world!”

– RJ

Atlas is Amazing

“What can I say? I think Atlas is amazing. They saved my life! I love these people! They have huge smiles and joy to share with everyone who walks in the door. Coming here is honestly one of the highlights of my week every week.” – KP

“I have been coming to Atlas for more than five years. For me, it’s preventative maintenance and it’s great. Andrew, Raven and the Atlas team are super folks and the level of care and friendliness is top notch. I’ll never stop showing up!” TL

“I didn’t think anyone could perform the perfect adjustments or maintain the family atmosphere like Dr. Jim did. Thank goodness for Dr. Winn and Raven. They have the healing powers and hearts to keep Atlas Chiropractic working in the same wonderful way. I am also surprised to find that Dr. Winn is even better at adjustments for my particular ailments. I swear I would not be able to do the things of work or play if not for the weekly visits here. Also, much appreciation for the concern if I miss appointments. Thank you all.” AS

“We have always felt better by coming to Atlas Chiropractic! Andrew is a great chiropractor and we appreciate his talent and expertise!” – MG and DG

Anything is Possible with Chiropractic Care

“Wow! I could hardly stand up when I came in. One month later I feel like I can do anything. Dr. Winn is very professional, yet down to earth, and he actually cares how I am doing. Raven gives the best massage ever! Eventually, I’ll have the whole family coming in for care. I thank you, thank you, thank you!” – DB

“I started coming to Doc and Raven in February 2009. Right arm was numb and shoulder was locked and immovable. I was resigned to surgery, but came here as a last resort. And what do you know? It worked and I feel better than anything shoulder surgery could have done. Now, I feel just fine. Good job, guys!”

– GH

Shoulder and Neck Help

I came to Atlas and Dr. Winn in April of ’09 in serious trouble. My shoulders and neck were so tense and sore than I was having numbness and tingling in my hands. Also, the headaches were constant. In 9 short months, Dr. Winn’s adjustments have been miraculous! I rarely have headaches anymore and my neck and shoulders are much less tense. No more numb fingers! Thank you, Dr. Winn. I can’t express how much better I feel today versus 9 months ago. Nor can I express my gratitude fully.”

– SD

Low & Upper Back Pain

“Came in grumpy with a bad lower and upper back and everything in between. 4 months work and I’m a new and renewed man. Thanks.”

– RE

Neck Pain Relief

” I lived with back and neck pain for so many years that I’d given up on feeling better – discomfort was just something to live with. I tried several chiropractors in the past, but scheduling was inconvenient and I couldn’t commit to the frequency needed to see any improvement. Andrew and Raven have completely changed my opinions about chiropractic care. Their flexibility, knowledge, and investment in my health have made it possible for me to commit to regular chiropractic and massage care and the results are dramatic. My headaches have gone away and I have full range of motion in my neck and can make it through the work day without pain. Many, many thanks!”

– GW

Knee Help

“I came in for a knee injury, which is totally cured, and my chronic sickness disappeared too. I was literally very sick with colds every 3 weeks. My last one was the week I started coming here. Amazing!”

– AR

Back Injury

“I had a back injury so bad that I was medically discharged from the army. I could barely work or walk for that matter. After a couple of months at Atlas I remember what it’s like to do the things I thought I could never do again. I CAN RUN! Atlas gave me a part of my life back I thought was lost forever. At least now I know that I won’t need a wheel chair in a couple of years!”

– SS


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